1. 2004

    Creation of Companies Água de Itapema and Sanesalto

  2. 2007

    Creation of Conasa Holding

    to manage Companies Água de Itapema and Sanesalto

  3. 2008

    Acquisition of Águas de Santo Antônio

    Foundation of Sanetrat

  4. 2013

    Acquisition of Envimax

  5. 2014

    Acquisition of 50% of Urbeluz

    Urbeluz wins the public lighting PPP of São João de Meriti and founds Alegrete

  6. 2015

    Acquisition of Sanesul, owner of 49% of Águas de Meridi

    Urbeluz wins the PPP of public lighting in Caraguatatuba and founds Caraguá Luz

  7. 2016

    Change of the company’s name to Conasa Infraestrutura S.A, with expansion of the company’s operations

    Conasa, in a consortium, wins the PPP of public lighting in Mauá and founds Mauá Luz

  8. 2017

    Acquisition of Sanema

  9. 2018

    Consortium Via Brasil, led by Conasa wins the Concession for the MT-100 and MT-320 toll roads

  10. 2019

    Consortium Teresina Luz – formed by  Conasa Infraestrutura, FM Rodrigues e Brasiluz wins the concession for Teresina’s public Lighting

    Conasa takes control of Sanema

  11. 2020

    FEC Consortium formed by Conasa, Etesco and Fast wins SABESP’s public bid within the scope of Rio Pinheiros depollution program

    Winner of consession for the toll roads with Via Brasil consortium

    Luz de Belém Consortium, led by Conasa, wins PPP of public lighting in Belém